"The heavily-loaded T-50, normally a favorite of Paul's because of its civilized flight characteristics, shuddered, yawed, and screamed its way earthward, a certain victim of one of the most basic forces of nature."
Chapter 1
"The bear kept walking toward the lady hunter and her partner, she now armed with her "cannon" as Paul puts it, and he with his .300 magnum. They hid behind a huge cottonwood log on the beach, their rifles loaded and ready. Paul whispered that they should wait until the bear came as close as reasonably possible. The lady peered through her sights at the approaching behemoth, getting closer steadily with that rolling gait of a big bear."
Chapter 29
"He taxied the Stinson, big engine grumbling and snorting, to the end of the four hundred and fifty foot airstrip. The terrain beyond the departure end of the runway was totally unsuitable for use, making each takeoff a one-shot affair, with no room to stop if something untoward happened during the takeoff roll. Paul was used to short runways but not this big growling airplane.

He remembers, "My knees were knocking.I had never flown anything like this monster."
Chapter 12